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Katie Fenn

What does your business do?
Coleman Opticians is a family run independent opticians in Norwich. Coleman opticians strives to give you the personal touch every time you speak to us, be that about spectacles, contact lenses or our home visiting service. The emphasis is all about family, we see many generations of the same family from grandmothers through to great-great granddaughters. I am lucky enough to have seen many children come in as small toddlers and watch them grow up and race off to University.

How long have you been a member of Breakaway?
I joined Breakaway in December 2014.

Why did you choose Breakaway?
I was pretty lucky to fall into the Breakaway group. I had heard many horror stories of networking groups, involving having to be up ridiculously early, talking about your business for a strict 1 minute (bells would ring at 61 seconds) and dingy little office rooms, without even mentioning the word breakfast! Breakaway has a very different approach and encouraged by our accountants (after all its not what you know but who you know) I decided to give it a try, and have never looked back really!

What’s your favourite thing about Breakaway?
I enjoy Breakaway for a number of reasons but the one that stands out the most is the sense of achievement it gives me. Yes getting up on a Thursday morning in the dark is tough, yes standing up and talking about your business in public is daunting but the buzz I get afterwards is amazing!

How Breakaway help us

Breakaway helps my business by giving me more confidence. That confidence is passed in my dealings with my patients. It’s a great sounding board for ideas and you never know what you’ll pick up from the most bizarre (but extremely helpful) tips.

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