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Jeni Wright

What does your business do?
Milne safety provides a friendly and professional Health & Safety Consultancy service along with many Health & Safety training courses. We can also provide health surveillance such as Audiometric and lung function testing.
We are a well established company with over 35 years experience. Our consultants and trainers ensure they work with the client to fulfil their needs, whether they are a small family business or a large PLC.

How long have you been a member of Breakaway?
October 2014

Why did you choose Breakaway?
Breakaway is a very professional, kind and dedicated group. I was made to feel very welcome from day one. Everyone is very friendly and they will always aim to help one another and promote the business of their fellow members.

What’s your favourite thing about Breakaway?
The atmosphere each week is very relaxed and it can be a lot of fun and a good laugh. I love starting my Thursdays off at Breakaway.

How Breakaway help us

Many people will shy away from the subject of Health & Safety. Breakaway has given me the opportunity to promote our services and to put the message across that Health & Safety needn’t be a major headache. Our clients appreciate how much peace of mind they get and free time by having our support at hand. We will keep them informed of any relevant changes in legislation, as well as keeping their paperwork up to date.

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