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What does your business do?

Osborn Coaching provides bespoke coaching sessions for business leaders and members of their team, focused on improving performance, delivery and success in your current role, in preparing for a change in role and in meeting your aspirations for your business.

With expertise in performance improvement and leadership development, Osborn Coaching combines the skills and experience of working at executive level with professional coaching knowledge to enable you to focus on the issues which are impacting on your performance and delivery.

Why did you choose Breakaway?

Having tried various networking groups, I found Breakaway members to be the most supportive and helpful as I made the transition from the public to private sector. The group has a good dynamic and energy which comes from the desire to see each other succeed.

What’s your favourite thing about Breakaway?

I liked the opportunity to attend as a guest at Breakaway 3 times free of charge to find out how the group works and whether it is the right forum for you. You are not competing with people from the same sector of the market which is very helpful.

How has Breakaway helped your business?

Breakaway has helped me build up my contacts in the business community in Norwich and has opened doors which would not otherwise have happened. The members of Breakaway are very generous with their support and advice, helping each other with contacts and expertise.

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