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Matthew Coe

What does your business do?
We supply, install and maintain business telephone systems as the core of our business. There are a huge number of additional products and services linked to the central communication platform that we provide expert advice and install for businesses. Whether a company needs to refresh old systems with new technology, look at applications, provide easier communication across multiple sites or try to save money and become more efficient we can help.

“The after sales and maintenance from Wavenet is top rate.”
Signs Express

“Any business challenges we have faced, Wavenet has provided a solution to help us overcome them. The service provided by Wavenet has been exceptionally high every time.”
Fred Olsen Travel

How long have you been a member of Breakaway?
Personally since December 2014 but Wavenet has been a member since around 2010

Why did you choose Breakaway?
As a business we are always looking to find the ‘right fit’ networking events as my colleagues and I have been to many meetings that seem to be filled with people networking because they are forced to or think they are doing the right thing. Breakaway has the massive benefit of the members actually wanting to get to know each other and do business with people that they know and trust will do a very good job for those that they are being recommended in to. That fits very well with our business ethos and Breakaway has proven very successful in forming business relationships.

What’s your favourite thing about Breakaway?
The relaxed atmosphere of the meetings and the ability to have a bit of a laugh while retaining the underlying fact that we are all there to generate business in a pro-active manner.

How Breakaway help us

We have forged some long term very good business partners through membership of Breakaway. This has led to business for us and having a trusted and experienced source of contacts that can be referred in to businesses with confidence.

Breakaway Networking