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Shaun Mary

What does your business do?
We’re Chartered Accountants, with a Financial Planning division and we support over 10,000 business and personal clients, because of this we know that each and every one is different.  So we tailor-make our support to suit our clients’ needs.  From accounts, tax and all the things you’d expect, to strategy development and all the things you wouldn’t.

How long have you been a member of Breakaway?
A founder member from before its current incarnation so quite a while now.

Why did you choose Breakaway?
In truth I didn’t. A colleague joined and couldn’t commit to the early mornings. After a few months of standing in for him, he wasn’t getting it back. Breakaway is part of my routine these days.

What’s your favourite thing about Breakaway?
It’s much more than just networking. Yes we are all there to gain business, that has to be a core value of the group but I have made genuine friends that would sustain with or without the group. I can talk about almost anything to them which is invaluable, whilst still having a business relationship.

How Breakaway help us

In financial terms I have met some very good clients through Breakaway. Some are no longer members of the group, some never were. Norwich is a small place and it’s amazing how wide the reach is from the people round the table each morning. If you want to meet a specific person or business it is only a question away. They are there to help.

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