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Terry Collins Associates

Terry Collins

What does your business do?
Financial Services:
Financial Reviews and Wealth Management
Mainstream Investment: Isa’s, Bonds, Oeic’s etc,
Specialist Investment: VCT’s EIS’s, Offshore Bonds
Inheritance Tax Mitigation
Retirement Planning
Personal Life Insurance: Life, Critical Illness, Income Protection etc.
Business Assurance: Keyman, Co Partnership/Director, Death in Service

How long have you been a member of Breakaway?
5 years

Why did you choose Breakaway?
I have been a member of various Networking Groups and none compare. Breakaway has a great membership making the meetings both fun and vibrant. It is privately run, effectively owned by the members, this makes it inexpensive with none of the pressures normally associated with most Networking Groups. Breakaway members represent a healthy cross section of business types offering plenty of potential for referrals. Finally because all the members get on so well it results in a brilliant social aspect to the group. There is always something going on and to get involved with.

What’s your favourite thing about Breakaway?
The meetings are actually fun to go to and I actually look forward to getting up early.

How Breakaway help us

Because there is no pressure, one is not inundated with referrals that turn out to be a complete waste of time. Most of the referrals received are extremely high quality and It has added some brilliant clients to my client bank.

Furthermore, because of the high quality expertise which sits at the table, there is always a professional ear on hand to help you and give advice. Breakaway is brilliant for supporting each other.

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