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Christmas came early!


Chris, Jonathan & Joanna

I received an early Christmas present in mid-December when Jonathan Batchelor, who was taking over as Chair of Breakaway group for 2016, called me for a chat.  One part of his new role was to choose the charity the group would support for the year and his call was to give me the good news that he'd chosen The Benjamin Foundation.

Having been supported by the group in 2014 too it was a lovely surprise to hear they wanted to help us again.  I've seen first hand how the group are a genuinely supportive collection of around 30 local businesses meeting each week in Norwich.  Advice, support and business flows freely between the members in a natural way.  There's a social side too as well as the serious stuff with events like their quiz nights being fun as well as helping raise money.  In addition to supporting their main charity of the year I've seen too how the group is always keen to meet and here from other charities too to give them a platform to share their story and find ways to help them too.

We have agreed that in the first half of the year the group will raise money to provide a summer weekend of activities for some of the young carers we support.  These are young people aged between 6 and 17 years old who are looking after a family member who may be ill, disabled or have other challenges.  The local authority funding we receive means we can meet over 300 young carers every three weeks in groups around Norfolk during term time.  However in school holidays this means some of the carers no longer have our support or have the chance to meet friends and socialise at school.  With Breakaway's support we will be able to provide some of these carers with a break from their caring duties and a weekend to remember.

To sum up, Breakaway is a great group to work with and I know they will help us at The Benjamin Foundation spread our wings to help more young people who need the skills and support that we can provide.

Chris Elliott

Marketing and Fundraising Manager

Direct Dial 01603 886933

Or Mobile: 07825 130003

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